Taiwan to Beijing in just one hour? Wow.

(CNN) — Taipei to Beijing in just an hour? Well, maybe. Taiwan’s newly-launched WX Airways plans to make the trip to the airport in the Chinese capital — just in the space of two…

Taiwan to Beijing in just one hour? Wow.

(CNN) — Taipei to Beijing in just an hour? Well, maybe.

Taiwan’s newly-launched WX Airways plans to make the trip to the airport in the Chinese capital — just in the space of two commercial flights.

By focusing on distance rather than flying time, the airline plans to be at the forefront of efficiency, with flights lasting about two hours — comparable to those of other U.S. and European carriers.

The carrier is a subsidiary of Taiwanese conglomerate China Airlines, and its long-range planes are designed to incorporate more efficient engines with lower engine speeds, allowing it to fly longer and get through the air a lot faster.

The 1,057-foot-long Airbus A330-300-2B16, which will be the carrier’s main plane, is just big enough to carry twice the number of passengers on a previous generation of flight model, while holding the same number of check-in, terminal and maintenance staff.

According to WX Airways CEO Cathy Hong, the carrier is targeting customers who’ll be forced to wait an hour for the next flight to their destination.

WX Airways has already been flying its Swift 262 aircraft to several domestic routes around the island, including to Tainan, Taoyuan and Kaohsiung.

“We know the customer’s concerns and their needs, and based on our experience on our short-haul routes, we believe we’ll be able to meet those and surpass them” said Christopher Lee, President and CEO of WX Airways, on a media call.

The airline says it’s planning to operate daily and ten times weekly flights to Shanghai as well as major routes to Guangzhou, Chengdu, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Taipei to Pune, Moscow, Moscow to Melbourne, Melbourne to Moscow, Sydney to Taipei, Perth to Taipei, Manila to Taipei, Pune to Moscow and Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.

China’s interest in Taiwan

Taiwan is locked in a bitter territorial dispute with China, which considers it a breakaway province.

WX Airways takes its name from a disputed border in the islands of the South China Sea, referred to by Beijing as the Diaoyu (Celebration) Islands and by Taipei as the Senkaku (Emperor) Islands.

The airline is also named after the contentious waters, as well as a directive by Chinese President Xi Jinping to the ruling Communist Party to become more resource-efficient.

Taiwanese officials are hoping the new low-cost carrier will help the island attract more tourists.

The service will be full of color and celebration — both in the air and on the ground.

WX Airways is looking to celebrate not only its maiden flights to Beijing and Shanghai, but its services to other new destinations too, from Europe to Spain and Singapore.

The 50-strong workforce — composed of aviation professionals from South Korea, China and Taiwan — has been chosen to reflect the regions of the world where WX Airways’ flights will operate.

The airline will serve secondary airports like Su-dedong in Hainan to connect mainland Chinese visitors with the high-end destination of Taipei.

WX Airways has registered the .calendar, .com and .net domain names to prevent speculation.

Taiwan is increasingly accessible

China, Taiwan and Hong Kong are the last remaining countries without diplomatic ties with Beijing, however.

Taiwan has been using various tactics to try and expand its network of air routes.

In 2016, Taiwan and China agreed to reopen their Air Transport Agreement — after a 10-year hiatus — which governs routes between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Earlier this year, a Xi Jinping-led task force reached an agreement for formal Taiwanese-China diplomatic relations and a freeze on the island’s bilateral ties with other countries.

The Chinese government laid out a list of Taiwanese “hostile” countries that could not extend diplomatic relations.

As of September this year, there were just 28 countries remaining, including the U.S., Spain, Italy, Estonia, South Korea, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Croatia, Ireland, Finland, Greece, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, Tanzania, Japan, Ukraine, Liberia, Namibia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Venezuela, Angola, Sao Tome and Principe and Burkina Faso.

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